The twin

I decided to do a 2 hour drive into the city last night to go to the salsa club and walk around downtown to get some photography. I went into the club and was greeted well by many familiar faces I hadn’t seen in 6 months or more. Sat down and had a drink and then left for a while just to get some photos outside, since it was still early for the club (10:00pm)

I had some pep in my step, I must say. It was one of those nights when the positive energy was just bursting from out of nowhere. Saying hello to the smiling faces of people I don’t even know as I felt the rhythm of my step in sync with the music of various clubs. And THEN, everything came to a halt, including me. I suddenly had tunnel vision and full focus on a young lady as her and a friend were entering a night club. Of course she noticed that, but the weird part is that she also had a look of confusion on her face as though she had seen me before, but couldn’t figure it all out. Her friend grasped her arm and said “come on, we can go in  now.” She looked over her shoulder at me as they entered the club and I shook it off and continued my journey, but with not so much pep. I couldn’t get the image of her out of my mind. She was wearing very tight jeans, high heels, and had the perfectly serious and uncomfortable looking posture, giving an obvious effort to appear as the perfect black Barbie, just as my girl did the first time we met in the airport in NYC. Her face and hairstyle was almost identical as well.

I went into the casino just to use the ATM and began the return walk to the salsa club. Half way there I saw a woman walking with shoes clicking toward me rapidly. It was her, the one I saw entering the club and she was alone this time. She was short of breath and said with a slight Brittish-like accent “hi, I saw you earlier and I’m sorry to bother now, but” and I said “I saw you and for a minute I thought you were definitely someone I once knew.” (At this time my heart was racing. I know it’s ridiculous when she’s not THE one, but I couldn’t avoid it.) Then she said “me too!! I thought I recognized you and I’m not sure from where!”

Well, the talk continued and we shared a few laughs about the incident and I walked her back to the club where her friend was. I could not take my eyes off of her. She said “nice to meet you, ahhh…” and I filled in the blank with my name and asked her name. I extended my hand and she placed her hand in it for a friendly handshake and we both could not break the eye contact. She turned and walked toward the door of the club and then stopped as she reached into her little purse and then turned toward me again. She said “this is not normal of me, but can we talk again later sometime?” She realized she didn’t have a pen and then showed disgust in her face as she said she even left her phone in the car. I gave her a business card from my wallet and said to please call me anytime. I know I should have asked for her number, but everything was so fast and my mind was not working normally. The only thing that came out of my mouth was “you’re very beautiful.” She giggled a little and said “I hope to talk with you soon” as she entered the club. I then returned to the salsa club and got one more drink. I was completely anti-social as I sat and processed everything that had just happened. After the drink I left and drove home, still remembering every detail of the moment and her.

Unfortunately, the business card I gave her was one for my office. I’ll have to keep that phone forwarded to my cell now just in case :D But then again, I’m not sure what I should do if she does call.

I hope everyone’s weekend was great!

Caribbean Queen

Saturday night and I sit pondering life

A plan to drive into the city replaced with a lazy chair

Oh, how recent years have changed all I am

An old dream of following romantic passions, answered

How can I feel disappointed now?

The movie in my mind for how it could be, actually did occur

An exquisitely beautiful one holding my hand

Standing together at the edge of the ocean, bare feet in the sand

And me pushing myself deep into her soul with words and gazing eyes

How can I be disappointed? How can I complain?

The answer is in the little details, yet still not answered fully

In the beginning, I was ready to deal with any difficult challenge in the adventure

But oh how the heart seems to have a mind of its own

And oh how when feelings grow, it feels like too much to hold on to

I have to get out of this lazy chair

Unspoken Allure

Lonely nights
kinda needing a rush
I heard a pur behind the door
and I fell in lust
I dared to open the door
I felt an inspired grin
A caramel feline with brown eyes
and as beautiful as sin
An alliance quickly formed
every day you arrive by surprise
I say “have a drink Bonnie”
You say “have one with me Clyde”
Deep thoughts and passions shared
every night sealed with a kiss
But there’s a dirty little secret
I want more than this
Future images flashing
like reverse deja vu
Where I’m a little closer
where I’m inside of you
Inspire me with meows
so I can give what you wish
Sink the claws into my back
Stare into my eyes as you hiss
It’s not drums in the distance
it’s my heart that you’ve taken
It’s not a quake beneath us
it’s the earth that we’re shakin
Trying to quench the desires
my hunger only wanting more
Until the dawn arrives
and you hear this tiger roar
We’d sit and watch the sunrise
and share a wet smoke
Will you return tomorrow
or leave me in desperate hope?

LA MADONA + an author introduction

I generally only post my own writing on my blogs, but on occasion I encounter something or someone that I just can’t resist sharing here. In this case, she is my incredibly talented friend and author from Haiti, Catherine G Vilbrun. She has allowed me to post one of her unpublished poems on my blog (Thanks Catherine!) This author is top notch and in the beginning stage of what I truly believe will be a highly recognized profession of writing. I ordered a published copy of her first book “Unveiled” at Amazon and I’m loving every page of it, as I’m a deep thinker too. Click HERE to see her author page and book on Amazon

Her blog is:

…and the poem


She is a golden goddess with the power to bring his dreams to life.

How can he ever approach her?

High above his league, she sails in skies dressed up in immaculate purity: a Prima Rosa.

When she speaks words fall from her lips like fresh dew in spring mornings.

The mysterious abysses of her caramel gaze capable of stirring up the unknown.

She is like poison, secretly invading his tormented heart.

When she dares to materialize amongst the common, her presence irradiates the room, electrifies it.

Every man wants a taste of her ambrosia for she is truly divine.

She rules over the hearts of man like Aphrodite herself.

No man worthy and still all men slaves to her passions.

How can he ever live with the thoughts of vagabonding hands upon her thighs?

Of shadows of locked lips inflaming his senses?

A star out of reach, blazing her sexual energy, piercing his insides with suppressed desire


Catherine G Vilbrun

This too, shall pass

The sun sets

and the sun rises

again and again

Hundreds of successions

rapidly absorb an entire year

Analyzing could have’s

Dreams that didn’t last

Now, to fashion bigger dreams


this too, shall pass

~ Gyption

If we are promised to never be given more than we can handle, people generally think of the bad or undesirable events in life. The challenges! Most challenges are a challenge of our souls, because it’s our own interpretation that determines it good or bad. What about the good and delicious things of life? I believe we are often not given more than we can handle of those as well. One’s first thought about that may be “but how could someone receive too much good!?” Well, to answer that I’ll use a small example. If I’m hoping and praying for a billion dollars so I can have all the things I want and I actually receive that, what will happen? If my wisdom and soul is not yet developed to handle such a thing, it would simply be too much for me to handle. Maybe my level of life responsibility is not developed enough yet to manage such a large amount of money. Maybe my lifestyle changes could have me dead within a few weeks. The examples of could have’s are unlimited, but the main point is as we get older and wiser we should learn to accept things how they are. If not getting our way gets us down, then we’re only restricting ourselves from continued growth and achievements. Every failure is like a step on the ladder and all the wisdom taken from it can be priceless and obtained in no other way.

I feel like the past year was a blackout. Wasted time as I allowed indecision, feeling of loss, and looking for answers to keep me in a state of not growing and I finally feel my mind very clear. This is like a moment of clarity and transition. I now take the words of Eckhart Tolle and other wise philosophers for every bad “thing” I experience and every wished for good thing that I don’t experience. I now accept limitless possibilities and say to those things “this too, shall pass.”

No giving up, no looking into past except for the knowledge to make better decisions, and no sitting idle while life passes by. “If we focus on the evils around us we will be in a constant struggle with it. In a hope to find peace we must focus on our self.” Gyption

Tainted by:Gyption

Red sun rising
shedding light into this day
Ceaseless flames heating my world
Molten tarmac everywhere I stray
An eagle eye in the great blue sky
A fortune teller predicting red
Taking me to the bottom
where I’ll rise from the dead
Red sun rising
New horizons born too soon
Prodding me with the riddles
chanted from a malicious moon
Waiting for the end of a road
It seems beyond my grasp
Every mile feeling pointless
A soul caught in a magnetic mask
Red sun rising
Vowing that shadows be told
Memoirs of all I’m running from,
yet continue to hold
Gyption ©™